To all conference participants:


This is a reminder to everyone about the upcoming abstract subsmission deadline for the XIII-International Conference on Surface Materials and Vacuum, which is September 1, 2020.September 15, 2020.


This year the conference will be virtual due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The XIII-ICSMV conference will take place from Oct 19-23,2020, in the ROBUST and user-friendly internet platform WHOVA in combination with BLUEJEANS. The participant will use an APP in their mobile devices or personal computers to enter the conference, explore the program, and view live presentations or recorded ones, as well as to engage with other atendants. WHOVA will ensure a great experience of video quality and personal interaction to exchange ideas and knowledge very close to a face-to-face experience. We look forward to having your poster or oral contribution this year. 


The virtual conference platforms are breaking barries giving the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world, so plase feel free to invite your colleagues from abroad. 


For more information about WHOVA, please watch the following short video:


Please visit the Conference website:


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee