High-temperature dependence of low magnetization Mn5Ge3 phase formation of sputtered thin films

Adriana Alvídrez-Lechuga, José T Holguín-Momaca, Carlos Roberto Santillán-Rodríguez, José Andrés Matutes-Aquino, Sion Federico Olive-Méndez


We report on the high-temperature dependence of the Mn5Ge3 phase formation on Ge(001). High substrate temperatures from 650 to 850 °C lead to the formation of the Mn5Ge3 thin films with a low magnetization of ~250 kAm-1, which is an important characteristic for faster and low energy consumption of the switching of the magnetic orientation of magnetic thin films by spin-transfer torque. The highest temperature conducts to the formation of the Mn5Ge3 phase with only a small amount of Mn5Ge2 hexagonal clusters. Additionally, carbon doping of the Mn5Ge3 sample grown at 750 °C exhibits an enhancement of the Curie temperature from 296 K to 390 K. The growth mechanism corresponds to a Volmer-Weber mode.


Mn5Ge3; C-doping; High-temperature growth; Low magnetization; Sputtering

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