Deposition of SnO2 buffer layer onto commercial conducting glass to be used in thin films solar cells technology

S Melo, O Vigil, C. A. Hernández-Gutiérrez, F. Pulgarín-Agudelo, Héctor Mendoza-Leon, E. Rodríguez


In this work the influence of the deposition of SnO2 buffer layer on the optical, electrical and morphological properties of commercial conducting glasses is presented. Previously the transparent conducting oxide (TCO) were studied in order to determine which is the most appropriate in solar cell applications. The SnO2 thin films were deposited onto glass and commercial conducting glass by pneumatic spray pyrolysis (PSP) and magnetron sputtering techniques and characterized optically and electrically. TCO/buffer bi-layers configuration were processed and characterized through a modified well-known Haccke figure of merit. The results are discussed in terms of considering the usefulness or otherwise of this configuration, depending on the morphological quality of commercial conductive glass in the processing of second-generation solar cells in thin film technology.


Commercial TCO, SnO2, TCO/SnO2, spray pyrolysis and sputtering techniques

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