Student Grants

The SMCTSM actively promotes the participation of students in our annual meeting so they could benefit from the opportunity to interact with experienced researchers who are presenting the advances of their research. At the plenary talks the students have a unique opportunity occasion to grasp the status and the perspectives of trending topics directly from leading scientists. Students participating in our meeting also have a chance to learn or reinforce valuable knowledge with selected short courses.

By supporting the participation of students in the activities of the SMCTSM we are not only contributing to their academic formation but also we are planting the seed for a new generation of researches and scientists that will push the borders of science for the benefit of our society.


In order to apply to a student grant support the students have to submit the following documents:

  1.  Evidence of his/her full-time status enrollment  (example: valid college ID copy of a valid student identification).
  2. A copy of the payment of 2021 membership of the applicant ($ 900.00 M.N., see also at
  3. The acceptance letter of an oral or poster presentation in which the student is the expositor.



The student grant support has the following benefits:

  1. Conference inscription fees will be covered by the SMCTSM. 
  2. Conference materials. 

Important information

Due to Covid pandemic situation we are still consiering if lodging will be posible, we will annouce as soon as a final decition is taken.

Reception of applications and further information:
Dr. María Leticia Pérez Arrieta
Workshop Chair (Vocal de Cursos SMCTSM)